Back Combing for Volume

Back Combing for Volume - Hairstyling Tips

Back combing involves repeatedly combing sections of hair towards the scalp, contrary to popular belief this should not be done is such a way that it causes a mass of knots and tangles, but to create a sturdy yet pliable area of volume at the root area which can be teased into shape to create styles such as the Beehive or French Roll, or smoothed over creating height and volume.

I personally prefer to use a teasing comb and a back combing brush when back combing the hair.


Step 1.

Start by taking a thin section of hair from the top of the head and hold it at the top. Use a strong hold hairspray on the root area to help hold the back combing in place.






Step 2.

Using the teasing comb, begin combing the hair downwards towards the scalp from halfway up the section of hair. Repeat this action no more than 3 times on each section of hair and spray with a strong hold hairspray once complete.





Step 3.

Take a 2nd section of hair from underneath and slightly to the side of the first, spray with hairspray and repeat the back combing action






Step 4.

Take a 3rd section of hair, again from underneath the first section and to the opposite side from the 2nd section and repeat the back combing action.






Step 5.

Depending on the amount of volume required, these actions can be repeated on a further 3 sections of hair beneath the 2nd and 3rd sections.






Step 6.

To smooth out the hair, start with the last sections of hair to be back combed, using the dressing out brush begin smoothing the hair outward then downwards. Repeat this action on all the sections of hair and as each sections is dressed out the pronged end of the teasing comb can be used to lift and move the hair into place and a fine spray of hairspray can be used section by section for extra volume and hold.





When all the back combed hair has been dressed out and smoothed into place use plenty of hairspray to ensure the hair stays in place.




Back comb and dress out the hair a few times before any nights out or special events to ensure you have mastered the technique.