Benefit Lemon Aid Review

Benefit Lemon Aid Product Review

The delicate skin around the eyes is usually first clue to excessive late nights and overwork, the advantages of using an eyelid primer/colour corrector are that these tell-tale signs can be easily disguised with the added advantage of ensuring the eye make-up stays in place for longer.

The Benefit Lemon Aid colour correcting eyelid primer is available online and at the Benefit counters located in selected Boots and Debenhams stores and is £16.50 for a 2.7g (net weight) compact. This product is designed to hide any discolouration and/or redness on the eyelids ensuring the ‘eyes look refreshed, frisky and ready for fun’!


This solid, yellow cream is easily softened for application around the eye area, I found it took a bit of effort to blend this product in and although it disguised any discolouration I had and evened out the skin tone I certainly wouldn’t be wearing it without applying make-up on top as it was slightly obvious that I had used a correcting product of some description around my eyes due to the fact that the rest of my skin looked dull and in need of a pick me up, although that technically shows how well the product works.

Once I had worked the Lemon Aid over my eyelids I found my eye make-up was easier to apply as it blended into the primer very well giving a more even and natural looking finish. I made a point of only applying the product to one eyelid to see if there would be any noticeable difference at the end of the day and there definitely was, the make-up on the eyelid I had used the primer on was still fresh and even looking and on the eyelid without the make-up had creased and appeared shiny showing that there are unquestionable benefits to be had from using this product as part of your regular make-up routine.