L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Booster Serum Review

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Dry Skin Conditions

Face serums usually come in the form of a clear, thickish liquid that is more concentrated and easier for the skin to absorb than the average moisturiser. Serums are designed to target specific problems for example throughout my late teens and twenties I used a serum to help combat acne breakouts and blemishes and I hate to admit it but since turning thirty I have swapped to using serums that focus on combating the early signs of ageing.

L’Oreal Advanced Research, in collaboration with independent scientists state that they have extensively studied the genes responsible for skin renewal and as a result of this research have created Pro-Gen™ Technology which aids the skins own ability to recover from daily hostilities. This technology is concentrated within the L’Oreal Youth Code Youth Booster Serum, available online and at L’Oreal counters and selected pharmacy’s at around £25.00 (price may vary) for a 30ml bottle and when used morning and night, before applying a moisturiser, this product claims to give the ‘skin an instant boost of youthfulness so that skin looks younger, smoother and more rested.


I found this serum to have a subtle fragrance; the smallest amount is easily smoothed across the face and rapidly absorbed without leaving any sticky residue as some serums can. After application my skin feels cool, refreshed and smooth, my complexion in general looks brighter giving the slightest hint of a healthy glow.

I have used this product regularly, morning and night for the past four weeks and would have to say that this is a serum I would continue to use as I have noticed an overall improvement in the texture and general appearance of my skin and the Pro-Gen™ Technology appears to be winning the war against the fine lines I had started to notice around my eye area . . . . . I couldn’t ask for anything more!